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    Quadax Butterfly Valves
    are used in the Refining
    and Petrochemical Industries
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    Quadax Butterfly Valves
    are used in Power Generation
    and District Heating
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    Quadax Butterfly Valves
    are used in Specialty Gas
    and Cryogenic Applications
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    Quadax Butterfly Valves
    are used in the Mining Industries


quadax butterfly valves have no visible leakage when tested at high pressure with water and low pressure with air, according to international test standards.

quadax valves inc.

quadax valves inc., based in Bristol, Pennsylvania, is a subsidiary of co-ax valves inc., and is part of the müller co-ax ag group, a world renowned valve manufacturer since 1960.

For over 50 years, müller co-ax ag has been an innovative leader in the unique design and manufacture of valve technology for businesses worldwide.

In 2009, the müller co-ax group extended their product range with the Quadax® butterfly valve series. With this unique four-offset design and new manufacturing technology, along with an extensive U.S. inventory, quadax valves inc. is able to provide butterfly valves that meet the highest tightness requirements under extreme temperature conditions.

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Quadax Design Principles

With the new valve series Quadax®, the müller co-ax group is expanding the range of products of valves, especially with larger sizes. The unique design, a quadruple (four offset) design and a new manufacturing technology, Quadax® meets the highest tightness requirements, even under extreme temperature conditions, ranging from -450 °F to +1,500 °F.

Triple Offset comparing Quadruple Offset

Triple offset butterfly valves have been around for years. With definite advantages over rubber lined and double offset valves, they are currently widely used in industry. Offset 1: The valve shaft is offset from the centerline of the valve seat. Offset 2: The valve shaft is offset from the centerline of the pipe. Offset 3: The disc seal shape is manufactured to the shape of a slice from a round cone whose axis is offset from the centerline of the pipe. The shape of the slice is an ellipse.

The Fourth Offset

Quadax® utilizes a patented seal design that results in a sealing surface that is ROUND. The benefits of a round seal are many, giving us significant advantages over triple offset valves. Offset 4: The cone shape is stretched to an ellipse. The disc seal made to the shape of a slice from this elliptical cone, results in a seal that is perfectly round. The cone shape is stretched to an ellipse. The disc seal made to the shape of a slice from this elliptical cone, results in a seal that is perfectly round.

principle triple offset

principle quadruple offset

Features and Benefits

Friction Free

The sealing element does not touch the body seat until it is completely sealed. It doesn’t drag (wear across the body seat).

Higher CV

Because the pipeline is round, and the seat area flow path is round, there is no flow restrictions as seen in triple offset valves.

Low Torque

The Quadax® patented fourth offset design incorporates a disc seal and body seat that are both perfectly round. There is no need for seal ring deformation or rubbing. Because of this unique feature, the required torque is much less; lower torque, smaller actuator, more economical automation.

More Seal Options

The round sealing components of the Quadax® allow us to offer additional sealing options. The Quadax® can use both laminated seals and O-Ring Seals. These O-Ring Seals are unique to Quadax® patented four-offset design.

  • Extreme temperatures, ranging from 450°F to +1472°F
  • Zero leakage, Bi-Directional
  • Superior cryogenic performance
  • Zero rubbing / Zero Friction
  • Extensive U.S. inventory:
    • Sizes 2” to 24” standard stock (up to 60” and above)
    • ANSI classes 150# and 300# standard stock (through 1500#)
    • Body styles lug, double-flanged, gate replacement and buttweld
    • Carbon steel and stainless steel standard stock (special material; duplex, Inconel, bronze)
  • Certifications:
    • ISO 9001:2008
    • Fire Safe (API-607 6th Ed.)
    • SIL3 Certified
    • TA Luft II certified, for fugitive emissions

Quadax Butterfly Valve Body Styles

Buttweld Type Butterfly Valve

  • DIN 3202 F4/S4 face to face
  • buttweld ends
  • available 3" through 40" (other sizes on request)
  • available ANSI 150, 300, 600, or 900 flanged (other pressure classes on request)

Quadax Buttweld Type Butterfly Valve

Data Sheet Buttweld Style

Double Flange Butterfly Valve

  • ISO-5752 face to face
  • short pattern flanged style
  • available 3" through 40" (other sizes on request)
  • available ANSI 150, 300, 600, or 900 flanged (other pressure classes on request)

Quadax Double Flange Butterfly Valve

Data Sheet Double Flange Style

Gate Valve Replacement

  • ANSI B16.10 face to face
  • long pattern flanged style
  • available 3" through 40" (other sizes on request)
  • available ANSI 150, 300, 600, or 900 flanged (other pressure classes on request)

Quadax Gate Valve Replacement

Data Sheet Gate Valve Replacement Style

Lug Type Butterfly Valve

  • API-609
  • lug style
  • available 3" through 40" (other sizes on request)
  • available ANSI 150, 300, or 600 flanged (other pressure classes on request)

Quadax Lug Type Butterfly Valve

Data Sheet Lug Style

Industries Served

The Quadax valve is successfully installed in the following industries: Oil and Gas Processing, Offshore Platforms, Refineries, Hydrocarbon Storage and Transportation, Liquid Natural Gas (LNG) Storage and Transportation, Chemical and Petrochemical Plants, Power Plants, District Heating, Pulp and Paper, Steel Mills, Sugar Mills. Furthermore, Quadax has a long-lasting experience of valves installed on services with the following media: Steam (Saturated and Superheated), Geothermal Steam, Hydrocarbons, Hydrogen, Oxygen, Cryogenic Fluids, Hot Gases, Sulphur (Tail Gas), Chemical Solvents, Chlorinated Solvents and Flare Gas.

Oil & Gas

Industries Served - Oil & Gas

  • upstream
  • downstream
  • pipeline & storage
  • supply & service


Industries Served - Power

  • renewables*
  • fossils
  • district heating
  • nuclear

* solar, geothermal and hydro


Industries Served - Process

  • chemical & coal
  • petrochemical
  • desalination plants
  • waterworks
  • food & beverage

Other Industries

Industries Served - Other Industries

  • iron & steel
  • other mining
  • automotive
  • shipyards
  • aerospace

quadax valves inc. at Valve World Americas

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Valve World Americas

Quadax Documents

SIL3 Safety Integrity Level DIN EN 61508


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quadax valves inc. Procurement Terms and Conditions

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